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Earn up to 12% annualized, paid quarterly.

Trophy Point Investment is a direct real-estate investment fund that provides short-term asset-backed loans to successful, high credit borrowers (i.e. hard money/private lending). Real estate is a top income-producing investment that offers a stable opportunity for investors to build wealth. With a fixed-rate offering and high-yield returns, in addition to over $8 million personal investment (which guarantees that we are the first to absorb any losses), you can feel secure with your investment.


A Rigorous Lending Strategy

With a comprehensively audited performance history—$145+ million in loans awarded, zero defaults, our lending strategy is a secure way to compound wealth.

Real Estate Investments

Diversify from stocks and bonds, preserve your capital and protect it from inflation, and save on taxes with a self-directed IRA.

Samir Patel

Proven expertise and leadership.

The Managing Partner at Trophy Point Capital, Samir Patel has over 15 years experience as a private lender and is the owner of multiple hotels and real estate assets. His prior experience includes co-founding a private lending fund that originated $200+ million in private, commercial loans.

An experienced leader with a military background, Samir holds high the values of his alma mater, West Point: Duty, Honor, Country. He is dedicated to understanding the latest trends, regulations and overall market environment.

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Trophy Point offers consistent high-yield returns without the stress of gambling with equities.

In the bar graph below, you can compare the 10-year annualized pre-tax return percentage across a variety of asset classes. The Trophy Point annualized pre-tax return percentage of 8–12% exceeds almost every asset class, except relatively volatile U.S. Equities. This consistent high-yield return performance from Trophy Point makes it a stable investment choice.

Sources: BlackRock Investment Institute, with data from Refinitiv Datastream, 1 September 2023.

This bar graph shows and compares the 10-year annualized pre-tax return percentage across a variety of asset classes. The Trophy Point annualized pre-tax return percentage exceeds almost every asset class at 8% to 12%, except U.S. Equities (at 12.7%). Other asset class percentages include 6.5% for Infrastructure, 5.8% for Japan Equities, 5.6% for Europe Equities, 5.5% for REITs, 3.5% for High Yield, 3.4% for EM Equities, 2.8% for Emerging Debt, 2.7% for China Equities, 1.8% for IG Credit, 1.1% for Cash, and 0.8% for Commodities. The consistent high-yield return performance from Trophy Point makes it a stable investment choice. Sources: from BlackRock Investment Institute, with data from Refinitiv Datastream, 1 September 2023.

“I have invested with Trophy Point since 2021 and am proud of the way they operate”Ramesh Bakshi

“As doctors we don't have time to be constantly checking in on our investments. We know Samir and trust him to increase our wealth. We have full confidence that Trophy Point will safeguard and grow our capital for us.”Jatan Patel

“I have invested with Samir on multiple projects since 2016. I don't like having to constantly worry about my investments; one of the things that keeps me coming back is the ability to 'set it and forget it' with full confidence that it will be safe and grow.”Zach Watson

“Because my career in tech requires most of my professional focus, I knew I needed a "hands-off" yet effective approach for my investing. I have found that with Trophy Point. They make it so easy. I don't have to constantly be worrying, they take care of it all for me. Due to my confidence in them, multiple members of my family have also invested; the peace of mind they offer makes it a no-brainer.”Tina Chong

Compound your wealth over time by earning a higher interest rate with a Trophy Point SD-IRA.

In the line graph below, you can compare the earnings of a $100,000 investment as a Trophy Point Self-Directed IRA earning 10% interest, re-invested quarterly, over a period of 25 years against that same investment receiving quarterly payments of $8,000 per year.

As an investment example, Alex is a 35 year old professional who has invested $100,000 in an IRA account from her employer. She chooses to transfer the entire amount into an IRA account with Trophy Point. She earns 10% quarterly interest on her principal, which is re-invested every quarter. After 25 years, Alex is ready to retire at 60 years old, and her account has grown to $1,181,372. She then decides to live off of the 10% interest income payments of $118,137 annually, while she enjoys her retirement. If instead she had decided to invest her $100,000 without the SD-IRA, and she received the quarterly interest payments of $8,000 per year, after 25 years she would only have $300,000. Over time, the SD-IRA is a clear way to compound wealth.

In the line graph below, you can compare the earnings of a $100,000 investment, receiving quarterly payments of $8,000 per year for 25 years, against a Trophy Point Self-Directed IRA earning 10% interest over a period of 25 years. On one graph line, you can see that the $100,000 investment with quarterly interest payments received of $8,000 per year, after 25 years, amounts to $300,000. On the second graph line, you can see the $100,000 investment of a SD-IRA that earns 10% which is re-invested quarterly. After 25 years, that investment grows to $1,181,372, showing how you can compound your wealth over time.

Fund Overview

Trophy Point Capital is a private fund seeking to finance short-term real estate investments to individuals on either “fix and flip” or buy-rent-refinance strategies that earn an above-average return.

Here are more details on the fund:

Fund Name

Trophy Point Investment Group LLC (Atlanta, GA)

Fund Investor Offering

LLC – Fixed-Rate/Income Debenture Notes offered to Investors
Private Placement: Reg D, 506c offering

Fund Purpose

Generate higher yield via private real estate, secured loans to individuals on fix & flip or buy-rent-refinance strategies on single-family and multifamily assets at 6-9 month terms.

Track Record (Inception Aug 2020)

47 months: $145+ million lent across 762 loans as of June 2024
Currently 0% loss of principal default rate
Currently 95% on-time payment history from borrowers

Fund Size

$62.6 million / 266 active loans as June 2024

Partner’s Equity

$8 million
(we take first loss on all loans before investors do)

Risk Profile
  • Investor funds are pooled and not tied to any single loan performance
  • All loans made are first position/senior secured and carry personal guarantee
  • Loans typically made at 65-70% Loan to Value of secured asset
  • Loans are short term: 6–9-month terms; typically interest only
  • Small average loan size: $100-$250K
  • Lending in SE USA & foreclosure friendly states (can foreclose within 90 days).
Investor Security

Debenture Note on all assets (the loans) of LLC; all investors equal in seniority

Fund Term

LLC evergreen, Investor Debenture Note is 60 months


Lock up for first 18 months, 90-day redemption notice thereafter

Note Fixed Rate Yields (based on investment amount)
  • 8%: Standard investments $25,000-$249,999
  • 10%: Standard investments $250,000-$999,999
  • 10%: Retirement (IRA, 401k) investments $25,000-$249,999
  • 10.5%: Retirement (IRA, 401k) investments $250,000-$999,999
  • 12%: All investments (Standard and Retirement) $1,000,000+
Interest Distribution Frequency


Option to auto-invest/compound

Yes, on a quarterly basis

Distributions Start

Upon Investing

Tax Treatment

Investors receive 1099-INT

Retirement Investment Option

Yes – Below $250K: 10% and Greater than $250K: 10.5%
(this is better than the S&P historical average)

Must be accredited


Reporting Frequency

Quarterly with monthly supplemental updates

Contact Info

Samir Patel, Managing Partner
[email protected]

A Trusted Real Estate & Military Background

Trophy Point Investment Group was founded in 2015 when a group of West Point graduates partnered together to share our business and investing experiences. We have developed a track record of delivering superior returns to our investors, raising funds, and participating in a wide range of projects from residential and commercial real estate to logistics.

For us, it’s all about maintaining focus: on meeting and surpassing our long-term business goals, on creating opportunities for our partners, and on regularly reviewing and evaluating how we can maximize profitability and value.

Samir Patel, Managing Partner

Samir purchased his first hotel when he was just a junior at West Point. He now owns multiple hotel properties and real estate assets. After graduating from West Point, Samir successfully commanded troops in combat zones as a US Army Cavalry Officer, and served as a Chief Operations Officer in a 1,000-person organization. Today, in addition to being the Managing Partner at Trophy Point Capital, Samir teaches real estate entrepreneurship at Georgia State University, where he holds a Master’s Degree in Commercial Real Estate.

David Marold, Partner

As partner, Dave oversees loan policies and procedures to ensure the overall quality of our lending portfolio, and is the primary driver of the credit culture and process that ensures a high-quality, low-risk loan portfolio. He also coordinates all due diligence and financial analysis of project plans. A West Point graduate with a degree in Economics and a graduate of Washington University —with a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Juris Doctorate —Dave offers a wealth of financial and legal knowledge to our team. He is a licensed member of the Missouri Bar Association, and also has over 12 years of personal experience in a variety of real estate properties.

Nicholas Cosmas, Partner

Also a West Point graduate, with a Master’s Degree in Political Geography from the University of Hawaii and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Missouri University, Nick is responsible for the daily management of our firm. He provides oversight and administration of our Real Estate, Consumer and Commercial loan portfolio, identifying financing and capital sourcing, as well as origination and servicing of the entire loan book. Nick brings over 12 years of experience in management systems at small, medium, and large enterprises to our firm. He specializes in aligning business strategy, design, and risk management with daily operations in order to support our growth objectives.

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Trophy Point

Private real estate is a secure, income-producing investment to build wealth. Trophy Point Capital is a private fund seeking to finance investments that earn an above-average return while reducing risk for investors as much as possible. To reduce risk, we have a vigorous underwriting procedure and only offer short-term, asset-backed loans to successful high credit borrowers.

With over $145 million in loans awarded and zero defaults, our strategy has a proven track record. Our personal investment of $8 million further mitigates risk for our investors, as any losses are absorbed by our personal investment first.

We have first-hand knowledge of every industry that we are invested in and are dedicated to understanding the latest trends, regulations, and the overall market environment. We are not licensed or regulated by any government entity. Our focus on high-yield returns directly helps the people and businesses we invest in, as it also reduces the investment risk.

Trophy Point Capital September 20, 2023

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